• Our first show: Outdoor 2016 Friedrichshafen

    Ethnotek was well receipted, people loved that finally someone brought innovation!

  • Our first shop-window @Thomas I Punkt – Hamburg

    so proud, special thanks to Peschel!!!

  • Meet John, Head of Design

    Thank you for all the support, my brother John

  • First products sold out!

    who have thought about this, the first products already sold out!

  • Ethnotek b2c webshop launch

    based on the UI-Design of our lovely friend Michelle Sweeny, we launched www.ethnotek.de

  • Roaming in Berlin

    If it works here, it will work everywhere in DACH

  • Berlin Fashion Week Jan 2016

    Greenshow Room / Ethical Fashion Show or Selvege Run, which is our place to present?

  • Our first Brand: Ethnotek Bags

    Gustavo acquires exclusive distribution contract with Ethnotek Bags

  • Head of Sales and Marketing: Robert Wilson

    Sales Expert, Marketing Wizard

  • Meet the Managing Director: Jim Tichatschek

    Used to be an IT-Consultant, now Managing Director of Gustavo Trading & Consulting

  • launch of our first b2b webshop

    creating a fully integrated webshop and erp for b2b customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • position: working with meaningful brands

    in a time full of crappy products and fast fashion, we trade only fair and social brands

  • a new company is born: Gustavo Trading & Consulting

    Meet our new Office @ Nordkanalstr. 52