• we are a certified B Corporation

    We are now legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

  • feels like Christmas, our new product: The Kushel Towel

    wood fibers makes it extra soft and absorbent

  • in love with my Raja 46

  • Outdoor Show 2018

    the booth grew with our range of products

  • Millerntor Gallery art auction opening

    Benny Adrion, founder of viva con agua and an inspiring person!

  • Photoshooting for the new website

  • visiting a fair cotton production in Portugal

  • Ethnotek in-store presentation in Berlin at Camp4

  • Gustavo @ Heimtextil – searching for the best towel

    we did not find it, have to build it new!

  • We are one of the first Onlineshops to offer RePacks, the reusable packaging

  • Sustainable sourced Wood from Europe made to Fibers!

  • bye bye first office, we had a good time!

  • new office in Altona

  • shop window at local train station

    Footfall: 40.000 person per day

  • Searching for the ultimate towel

  • Cycling the Mountains with the Cyclo Sling